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the intersection where it happened has a bad reputation. aeufplt another hike in tuition. the in-- another hike in tuition. with a stroke of a pen california is the first state to adopt a gay curriculum. the law that is sparking debate before it takes effect . good evening, it is thursday july 14th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. it has the reputation of a dangerous intersection and today, a doctor lost his life there. the victim was a passenger on a ucsf shuttle bus that ran a light and collided with a big rig. the crash is our top story at 11:00. we are live at the stprebg of australia and oakland, the accident happened to tell us what happened. >> reporter: that is where
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doctor kevin mack was killed earlier today. the police told me late this afternoon that the witnesses say that he was going east on oak here and ran that stop light, causing the accident. >> reporter: as 6:20 this morning the shuttle bus was taking 15 people to sf general hospital when it crashed into a big rig car areaior at oak. 52-year-old psychiatrist kevin mack was ejected through a window and died at the scene. >> here is kevin. this is our white coat ceremony where we welcome our first-year students. >> reporter: the school of medicine is in shock. mack is described as an expeter in bipolar and psychotic behavior. >> he, of course, took care of patients at san francisco general and psyche emergency services, he worked with and supervised psychiatry. residents in training. >> he was a wonderful psychiatrist, a wonderful educator and mentor to our
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students. and this is a tragedy and loss for us. >> reporter: the crash happened in a controversial area. >> to put it in the system so many blocks back on oak. >> reporter: we met san francisco supervisor in his office just hours after he was at the accident scene. >> we had a number of crashes in this intersection. in 2007 there had been a report this is one of the dangerous intersections. most dangerous intersections in the city. >> reporter: doctor mack leaves behind a husband and two children. they have yet to confirm who is at fault. the driver could face charges. ktvu channel 2 news. the coroner's office is working tonight to identify a woman's body burning in the middle of the street t. happened this morning near shabo road in rock ridge neighborhood. the police say the body appears
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to have been dumped there and the victim suffered trauma before her body was set on fire. investigators are not ready to release much information. >> right now i just can not get into it -- i don't want to talk about the details. i just want few people to be aware of some of the details. >> the police are reviewing missing person's case while they are waiting for the coroner to identify the victim. hiring a man who led san francisco's police department for four months at the start of this year. he was the interrupt chief in san francisco. he took the job when gaston moved to district attorney. now, oakland chief is hiring him to lead his department's new criminal investigations division. he hopes to start work in the next few weeks. coming up in 10 minutes a new twist in the fatal police shooting on a b.a.r.t platform. we learned the man the officers shot and killed had prior legal troubles. the man accused of stealing
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a sketch from the san francisco art gallery may have a history of art theft and could face additional charges. the police in new jersey searched his apartment and say they found a half million's dollars worth of stolen art. it includes another picasso. he is held in jail in lou of $five million bail. he is set to be arraigned tomorrow. a somber return for a bay area man who died in combat in afghanistan. robert honda spoke to family members to explain why they feel disrespected. >> the body of 36-year-old nick north iiii. the former marine known as nick died in combat july 5th. the department of defense says enemy forces attacked his unit with a grenade in afghanistan. his proud father says he wants his son to be remembered as a strong loving man and a patriot. >> he was a great soldier.
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a made a promise to send all of his men home. because of it he took his life for them. >> reporter: escorted by the patriot guard riders, the police and the county sheriff's office, he was taken to the mortuary in daly city. there, family members told us they were angry because the military informed them california flags would not be at half-staff for his funeral service on monday because the state lowers flagged this past tuesday once the governor's office was notified of its death. >> not like there are thousands of soldiers going down. you know, my son, he is like, the one, and, they can not get that one right? >> reporter: we informed the governor's office about the family's concern and got a quick response. >> we were not aware until you reported. and we are happy to fly the flags. someone who made the ultimate sacrifice for our state andination we are happy to do so. >> reporter: family members are grateful because they can concentrate on saying good-bye
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to nick. back to you. it is another day of reckoning for the two hunt 20,000 -- 220,000 students in college. their tuition bill rose against going to $11,000 a year. they approved the hike during a meeting in san francisco. the governor is a region but he did not vote for the increase. >> here we are, putting, once again, the nail in the cover inin the middle class. that is exactly who gets hurt in this debate. >> reporter: students from families earning less than $80,000 do not need to pay fees. students from families earning between $80,000 and $120,000 are exempt but only for the up coming year. now, for decades for the cost of the diploma at the university of california was let's than 200,000 a year. it started to climb in 1970. in 1975 the cost reached 647 a year. by 1985 it was 1300.
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in 1995 students paid 4100 a year. in 2005 it was $6800. with today's vote, fees are now more than 12,000 a year. more fall out now from state budget cuts. 200 employees from the san francisco superior court system are expected to receive lay off notices next week. presiding judge catherine finestein's office says the notices will be mailed out on monday. in addition to the layoffs the courtrooms are set to be chosed because of the budget cuts. they are facing a deficit of $13 million. the judge is scheduled a news conference for monday to discus how the cuts will effect the public. a grass fire is under control tonight. you may see the smoke west of tracy. the fire started about 1:15 p.m. winds fanned the flames. smoke filled the air near interstate 580 area. it did not disrupt the traffic. firefighters contained the fire at 3:30 this afternoon. in all the fire burned 400
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acres. the cause of the fire is under investigation. president barack obama spoke one to one today with our ktvu washington correspond ant about the showdown over the debt ceiling. we asked about reports that he stormed out of yesterday's heated discussion with congressional leaders. >> now, look, at the end of the meeting, after we met for a couple of hours what i said to the group was what i think the american people feel which is we have a responsibility to do the right thing. >> the president tells us he is open to budget cuts, including raising the elegibility age for medicare. heip cysts the wealthy will have to contribute more. >> you can not ask for sack tpaoeuss from working people who have not seen a raise in some cases for a decade. and, not ask anything from folks like myself who can afford to do a little bit more. >> republican lawmakers oppose
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raising taxes or closing tax loop hopes saying it will slow the economy. a better than expected second quarter says the stocks went soring after the closing bell. they brought in $2.5 billion at the 36% increase of last year. the first quarterly report under the new ceo. google shares the trading at $595, up 12% or more than $67 in afterhours trading. ben bernanke testified today saying he be cautious when it comes to federal stimulus. as the markets lose lower, the dow fell and nasdaq dropped 34. the effort to appeal a state tax on web retailers is likely to end up in court. at a pr-sz conference in san francisco nancy skinner said should not ask voters to overturn the law. the ballot measure is unconstitutional because it targets a pwuplget loss. a lawyer for amazon says it is
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legal. -- budget loss. a lawyer for amazon says it is legal. the research anticipated outrage by the price increase but decided the higher fee would benefit the company in the long run. the backlash has netflix customers canceling their subscription. >> they should of gone up slowly. it is more principal than money. >> they are raising it from $10 to $16 a month. they have 23 million users. thousands threatened to cutback or end their service. netflix shares closed today. the run in with authorities from coast to coast. the information we uncovered today by the man killed by b.a.r.t police. is it controversy or common sense? how history is taught in california. your weekend is just about here. will you need the jacket or can
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you wear flip flops? i will have the details. i want to crush more cars.
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. officials in the airport canceled 100 flights because of hail damage t. came as a wild storm that hit colorado yesterday leaving flooded streets behind. drivers took shelter wherever they could under trees or service station awnings. a spokeswoman says 1,000 passengers were stranded overnight. a small segment of air travelers will be able to avoid the long security airport lines. the tsa announced a new pilot line to screen passengers that travel frequently and volunteer more of their personal information. those people will be checked for explosives but will not have to remove shoes, belts and other clothing. it will be offered for delta and american passengers that
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fly out of atlanta, miami, detroit and dallas-fort worth. continuing coverage of the fatal shooting by b.a.r.t tphroefr on police officer. the b.a.r.t received the first report but no new details on the fatal shooting of 45- year-old charles hill by b.a.r.t police. >> we are still not clear on what exactly happened. >> reporter: san francisco police are heading up the lead investigation. one of four into the july 3rd shooting at san francisco's civic station. >> these investigations can take months to conclude. internally the police department wants to be able to provide their chief with a progress report in 45 days. >> reporter: b.a.r.t police say hill appeared intoxicated and threatened two officers with a broken bottle and two knives. >> i just don't understand it. it is not putting a high nothing further value on life. >> reporter: ktv ucon tained
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new details -- ktvu contained new details. detailing a june 2001 domestic violence incident where he threatened a member of his household with a knife and smashed a window. he appeared intoxicated. an arrest report indicating a homeless hill rambled on and threatened to kill someone in his former household. he received six months probation and made his way to san francisco. the reports came as a surprise today to b.a.r.t police chief. >> it is certainly information that i was not aware of. >> reporter: he declined to say if the 10-year-old connecticut police-year-oldd police reports are relevant. many people will see changes to their mail delivery. mostal service is sending out these -- postal service is
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sending out these cars about service adjustments including changes in mail carriers and delivery times t. comes as they begun using a new machine that allows fewer workers to sort mail. no jobs will be eliminated. the fbi is reportedly launched an investigation into claims that murdock's news corp tried to hack into the phones of september 11th victims. he has been under fire for hacking into phones in the united kingdom. they forced him to shutdown the british newspaper "news of the world." the associated press says a source confirmed the probe here in the united states. >> a day after it started the trial of star pitcher roger clemens ended in a mistrial. he is accused of lying to congress about using steroids. the mistrial came after prosecutors contained information that a judge forbidden to use in a trial. a hearing to have a new trial
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is set for september 2nd. this year's nominees were announce thursday morning. >> the nominations and the drama series category are: "boardwalk empire," "dextor," "friday night-lights," "the good wife," and "madmen". >> in the situation comedy category the nominees include "glee," "parks and recreation," "the office," "big bang theory," "third rock." federal health officials said today on screen smoking in movies aimed at young people dropped significantly. research suggest children start smoking in part because they see actors smoking in movies. the center for disease control says since 2005 the disney, comcast, and time warner bros. studios entirely eliminated smoking in youth-rated movies while the rest of the industry
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cut onscreen smoking by 42%. the number of californians that smoke fallen to the lowest rate ever. the department of health says 11.9% of people living in our state smoked last year. down from 13.1% in 2009 and it say big change from nearly 28% back in 1985. health officials credit prop 99 back in 1998 that set aside the past tax on cigarettes to fund antismoking education campaigns. tonight, the magic begins one last time for harry potter fans. the final film premieres at midnight. we found a couple of fans camped here outside at berkeley this morning to be the first in the theater. harry potter movie shattered box office movies overseas. fans that grew up with the books say it say bittersweet end to a grand adventure. governor brown signed a law for ltd history to be tought in
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social classes. paul chambers was in casper where the news was met with overwhelming support. there are others that is a the new law has an agenda. >> reporter: castro district has a lot of history. former home of the first openly gay politician, harvey milk. something they did not learn about in their history book until now. >> their story should be told, too. >> i think it is incredibly necessary and import to include everyone's history and contributions in social studdie classes not just the elite or the white. >> reporter: the new law will make california the first state in theination to require them to include ltb history in the curriculum. some say it is long overdo. >> the fact that we sensorred a part of history about a community that has been traditionally demonized and discriminated against. >> reporter: not everyone is on board. some groups believe the lgtb
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history is worried how it will be taught in schools. >> teach history without an agenda. each individual is accredited for what they accomplished. >> reporter: others feel learning about them, the history it is needed and it may help people to be more tolerant. >> it may improve the way some people feel about them once we find out their contributions. >> reporter: the new law talk about the contributions from lgtb community but the disabled community. it will be up to each school district to determine how they will implement the new law. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2. soccer is taking over san francisco this weekend starting with a match at at&t park. the stadium is hosting a soccer match between england manchester city and mexico pride mesh. the officials say this is the 6th soccer game held at at&t park. the park will be transformed back into a baseball field in time for monday's home game. well, fans of thrill rides
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and funnel cakes have another possible destination tonight. strike up the band for the most anticipated summer event. the cool temperatures hang around. bill martin will be here to tell us about the warm up for the weekend
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. [ band playing ] the brass band kicked off the opening of the disposition of the state fair. the fairgoers will be thrilled by racehorses. the motorcycle races and music from entertainers including mc hammer. it runs through july 31st. here in the bay area a lot of people want to get out and do stuff. finally. >> yes. a little bit before me. >> yes. what is the big song? >> i know they have one. sorry. >> outside we go. fog, low clouds out there. it will keep things a little warmer out there as we go into the bay area weekend. live storm tracker 2 you see the fog out there and you can see it is hanging on right along the peninsula. we are looking for the fog, clearing rapidly tomorrow. that means a warmer day, highs today, just like yesterday. you know, none of this is surprising. that fog, drizzle all week.
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now, we are going into the weekend. we talk about it. the temperatures increasing. it will not get hot. it will not be as cool as it has been. it will come up a little bit and the air quality going down a little bit. you will see it tomorrow morning in the fog and low clouds. these are the forecast overnight lows, 50s, there is the fog. the low pressure to the north of us that has been really dictating the motion of this fog. it is going to start to release. going out of the area. going further north. if it does the fog becomes less of a player. so, tonight, midnight. fog looks like a player here. in the morning hours, the fog, going around 8:00 a.m. still there. clearing in the santa collarra valley. more sun there. more sun in santa rose a. the areas warming rapidly in the 70s and upper 70s. back at the coast. there is the low that i was talking about. drizzle in the forecast.
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clearing more rapidly tomorrow. and cooling things and warmer day time highs. we look at the microclimate. the big one, hopping over the hill, getting into the bay valleys. you see the numbers go up. climates are, you know, famous throughout the world. i just showed you three microclimates there. in between all of those wee have tons of microclimates in the bay area. the bay area, napa you go out you get the picture. your forecast highs for your friday. not bad. not hot. not as cool as it has been. look at the five-day forecast, gasia you see right there a warm upcoming. sunday on the warmest of the weekend. a drama played out high above the streets of seattle today as a man's life hung in the balance. suddenly the chain securing his seat and he tumbled eight feet
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before caught by a safety line. he tkaeupgeled in the harpbace -- he dangled in the harnise. he is okay. that is our report for tonight. keep in mind our coverage continues on line at and with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36
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